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Restoring Nature With Nature

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Eco-Friendly Soil Erosion Control Products. Made from Coconut Fiber/Coir.

The Perfect Green Solution to Soil Erosion & Sediment Problems

At EcoFabriks we believe that safety can be achieved in a sustainable way. Our products do not have any artificial material, ensuring that both wildlife and natural resources are protected.

Made from coconut fiber and coir, EcoFabriks products are both economical and environmentally friendly. They are the perfect green solution to soil erosion and sedimentation problems.

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Made from coconut fiber 

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Bio degradable 

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Natural Eco-friendly

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Soil stabilization matting and coir logs are a viable alternative to harmful synthetic and other materials.

They are the obvious choice for architects, landscapers, and designers looking for a safe and viable alternative for use in wetland and backyard gardening, and planting vegetation on roads, slopes, and embankments.

Coconut fiber or coir takes between 3 to 5 years to degrade to mulch which is beneficial for plant growth. Once considered a waste material, coir is now widely used in soil erosion treatment, as mulch, and as a hydroponic growth medium for vegetation.

Ecofabrik’s Soil Erosion Control Products

Alternatives to Synthetic & Artificial Erosion Control Materials

Ecofabrik’s Soil Erosion Control Products


Coir Fiber Matting (SSM)

Coir fiber logs are used for stream and wetland restoration. They consist of tightly bound cylinders of coir fibers (Coconut Fiber) held together by a coir fiber netting made from coir twine.

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Coir Fiber Matting

Coir fiber matting, also called an erosion control fabric are woven matting with different mesh size, to perform different functions like filtration, separation, drainage, reinforcement and erosion control.


Find out more about our erosion control products and their applications.

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